Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Popsicle Race #6 results - 9/27/17 at Bardstown Athletic Complex

Thanks to Bardstown XC for hosting a terrific final night of Popsicle Racing at their amazing athletic complex.  And, huge thanks to all of the schools, their XC programs and the families that have supported this series all season long.  We saw tremendous growth in 2017, and I think lots of kids had fun racing.  Of course, send me corrections and share photos!  Good luck to all of these young harriers that are continuing in their competitive seasons.


1Grayson Pierce 4:28
2Miles Walton4:32
3Ayden Finwick5:54
4Dino Dizdar5:15
5William Lovelace5:16
6Annalisa Lawson5:32
7Molly Buckman5:38
8Logan Underwood5:43
9Wyatt Weston5:57
10Thomas Bryant5:58
11Kyle Crepps6:02
12Alison Jones6:08
13Bella Mattingly6:32
14Jedd Shelburne6:55
15Maxson Osborne7:51
16Baryn Luperchio 8:26
17Griffin Hovious 8:40
18Collin Hull8:53
19Raya Downs8:53
20Mackenzie Hey 8:53

1Alex Wood8:41
2Tyler Hagan 8:53
3Jacob Bryant9:28
4John Floyd9:29
5Charlie Blair 9:44
6Tate Hill9:49
7Lacey Richard9:56
8Finley Luperchio 10:01
9Daniel Filiatreau10:08
10Stiles Crume10:22
11Mia Burress10:28
12Brynlee Crume 10:38
13Noah Sekulski 10:52
14Lydia Woods10:56
15Emily Gordon11:01
16Preston Schultz11:03
17Bella Wood11:04
18Eli Isabel11:11
19Katy Blair 11:22
20Carly King 11:30
21Stone Smith 11:31
22Jack Miles 11:41
23Harper Smith 11:47
24Elijah Webb11:55
25Emma Isabel 12:01
26Jude Tucker 12:06
27Ashton Trulock 12:07
28Sarah Koch 12:13
29Evan Cecil 12:16
30Grant Curtsinger12:33
31Claire Buzick12:55
32Andrew Mattingly 12:56
33Brystol Crume 12:57
34Charley Hill 13:06
35Lainey Di Angelo13:21
36Virginia Jewel13:28
37Katy Floyd13:34
38Kason Reid14:21
39Adalyn Filiatreau 14:35
40Aubrey Hey 14:43
41Ruth Hagan 14:56
1Lane Hoyes11:16
2Eli Hill11:26
3Jackson Middleton11:47
4Isaac Riggs12:06
5Eli Nowaskie 12:18
6Nolan Brown12:33
7Landon Lucas12:53
8Luke Woods13:04
9Jack Ballard13:34
10Sam Mouser13:38
11Luke Popenza13:39
12Brennan Fenwick13:54
13Ean Hill13:54
14Kalie Hurst13:57
15Kadence Livers14:04
16Noah Jennings14:29
17Cole Sizemore14:31
18Nick Young14:32
19Emma Lovelace15:25
20Kayliegh Hines 15:36
21Julia Brown 15:49
22Anastatia Brittian 15:53
23Jonah Martin16:14
24Astyn Jones16:42
25Adelyn Osborne17:09
26Faith Blair 17:38
27Ainsley Roby 17:55
28Eli Cheek 18:47
29Cadence McDonald18:58
30Gracyn Craig19:13
31Lola Hovious 19:24
32Kyndal Maner 20:03

Popsicle Race #6 - tonight at Bardstown's Salt River property

The 2017 Popsicle Series wraps up tonight with the final night of races being hosted by Bardstown High School.  We're excited to visit their athletic facility at the old Salt River property at 1345 Templin Ave.  Pull in the driveway, go straight back and there is parking beside/behind the building.   First race goes off at 6:00.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Pics from Popsicle Race #5 at NCHS

Popsicle Race #5 at NCHS

Thank you to NCXC for hosting another terrific night of Popsicle Racing.  Their crew does an awesome job, and I always love going back to where the series originated.  I apologize for the delay in getting results up.  When I got home last night, our Bardstown cable line was on the ground after being snagged by a truck delivering building materials.  So, I may or may not have just spent my entire planning period typing up XC results.  As always, send corrections, send pics and we'll see you next week at Salt River on Templin Avenue for the series finale hosted by Bardstown XC!


1Maliah Courtney4:11
2Grayson Pierce4:20
3Wyatt Weston4:56
4Dino Dizdar5:04
5Gracie Edlin5:16
6Emma Isabel5:26
7Kyle Crepps5:28
8Emily Mackin5:38
9Jedd Shelburne5:40
10Alison Jones 5:43
11Kason Reid5:57
12Thomas Bryant5:58
13Bella Mattingly6:07
14Annalisa Lawson 6:13
15Maxson Osborne6:14
16Zayden Barbour6:16
17Adalyn Filiatreau6:27
18Aubrey hey6:29
19Katherine Sparks6:29
20Rheya Downs 6:41
21Leigh Talbott Smith6:42
22Blanding Mays6:46
23Bear Dotsey6:57
24Mackenzie Hey8:55
25Liam Downs 9:47

1Tyler Hagan 8:35
2Alex Wood9:06
3Tate Hill9:28
4Mia Burress9:35
5jacob Bryant 9:58
6Deken Minter10:03
7Lacey Richard10:05
8Stiles Crume 10:08
9Preston Schultz10:27
10Finley Luperchio10:33
11Brynlee Crume10:34
12Bella Wood10:58
13Daniel Filiatreau10:58
14Lydia woods11:05
15Eli Isabel11:07
16Evan Cecil 11:19
17Harper Smith 11:24
18Molly Kisegy11:28
19Brystol Crume 11:30
20Claire Buzick11:41
21Toby Edelen11:52
22Grant Curtsinger11:53
23Sloane Smith 11:57
24Andrew Mattingly11:57
25Emily Wordon12:03
26Charlie Hill12:06
27Sara Koch12:17
28Elijah Webb12:23
29McCain Downs12:39
30Virginia Jewel12:43
31Ashton Trulock12:54
32Katy Floyd13:10
33Anna Lisa Lawson13:14
34Cailyn Joodpaster13:15
35Jack Miles 13:28
36Ruth Hagan13:40
37Aubrey Hey15:57
1Lane Hoyes11:03
2Eli Hill11:09
3Jackson Middleton11:32
4Max Weston11:44
5Isaac Riggs11:54
6Nolan Brown 12:01
7Eli Nowaskie12:17
8Tayshawn Crowe12:28
9Christiana Brittian12:30
10George Crepps12:53
11Jack Ballard12:58
12Sam Mouser 13:06
13Eli Flanagan13:12
14Olivia Walton13:17
15Luke Fields13:30
16Brennan Fenwick13:31
17Ean Hill13:47
18Nick Young13:58
19Noah Jennings14:08
20Lupo Penza14:21
21Emma Lovelace14:30
22Kaylie Hurst14:36
23Cory Dones14:43
24Cole Sizemore14:56
25Kayliegh Hines15:00
26Olivia Fenwick15:54
27Anna Claire Carwile 15:54
28Christina Collett15:59
29Abbey Livers16:11
30Jonah Martin16:24
31Adelyn Osborne16:30
32Carter Sizemore16:36
33Ashlyn Jones16:41
34Ainsley Roby 17:18
35Faith Blaire 17:30
36Olivia Reiland 18:13
37Gracyn Craig18:47
38Elijah Blandford19:01
39Zachary Samuels19:33
40Austin Masdon19:52
41Cadence McDonald20:39
42Eli Cheek20:54
43Lola Hovious 21:04
44Kyndal Maner 22:42