Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Photos from Popsicle Race #1

Keep sending pics to my email or share them through Facebook and I'll add them here - 

Aubrey Hey rocked the 1k and the 2k!

Please send me photos that you would like to share.  I think this first photo is everything that the Popsicle Races embody - pure joy and that feeling of triumph.  That's my 4 year old nephew Bear, and that's a well deserved popsicle! 


Popsicle Race #1 at TNHS

Congrats to all the Popsicle Racers who rocked it tonight.  We had a record number 122 finishers - awesome!  The names and times listed below are as accurate as we could get them.  I had a stopwatch problem in the 1k and had to adjust slightly.  And for the names, please feel free to send corrections in the comments or to my email,  Occasionally runners who completed less than the designated laps go through the chute, and a couple of those corrections were made in the 3k.  Please remember that these events are about the kids having fun.

Feel free to send photos that you would like me to share either to my email or you can find me through Facebook.


1Brody Downs4:27
2Grayson Pierce4:28
3Daniel Filiatreau4:30
4Ethan Hagan4:44
5Aiden Fenwick4:46
6Eli Isabel4:55
7William Lovelace4:58
8Sloane Smith5:21
9Samuel Greenwell5:22
10Evan Cecil 5:31
11Emilee Mackin 5:35
12Aubrey Hey5:40
13Logan Jennings 5:43
14Jack Miles 5:47
15Allison Jones5:48
16Vann Staser 5:49
17Emma Isabel6:05
18Tristan McMillen6:10
19Megan Bassel6:13
20Dino Dizdar6:22
21Jed Shelburne6:24
22Calvin Gabbert6:27
23Chance Stansbury6:31
24Ethan Mercer6:44
25Zayden Barbour6:54
26Luke McMillen 7:06
27Raegan Travis7:11
28Bentley Barnett7:17
29Lauren Delaney7:24
30Adelynn Filiatreau7:34
31Bear Dotsey7:42
32Katherine Sparks7:43
33Alex Brittian 7:44


1Kadence Livers 8:47
2Tyler Hagan9:27
3Charlie Blair9:33
4John Floyd9:39
5Lacey Richard10:15
6Alex Wood10:18
7Aidan Buzick10:20
8Lucas Durbin10:35
9Tate Hill10:37
10Charles Bowling10:50
11Faith Blair11:07
12Stiles Crume11:16
13Preston Schultz11:23
14Hunter Durbin11:34
15Elijah Webb11:34
16Lydia Woods11:40
17Charlie Hill11:43
18Jude Tucker11:57
19Claire Buzick12:15
20Colden Reiter12:16
21Michelle Mia12:21
22Brennley Crume12:22
23Andrew Mattingly12:31
24Aadn Fenwick12:38
25McCain Downs12:39
26Abel Meza12:47
27Bella Wood12:48
28Carly King12:53
29Chris Brown12:54
30Mia Burress12:55
31Katie Blair12:56
32Katy Floyd12:59
33Harper Smith13:00
34Ashton Trulock13:05
35Virginia Jule13:15
36Sara Koch13:17
37Elijah Blandford13:18
38Zachary Samuels13:19
39Finley Luperchir 13:33
40Lillian Roberts-Nault13:43
41Lydia Brown13:50
42Grant Curtsinger13:52
43Ian Kidwell14:31
44Sofia Pimemtel-Torche14:51
45Ruth Hagan 15:00
46Aubrey Hey15:05
47Lucy Gabbert15:08
48Jack Miles 17:18


1Eli Hill11:23
2Lane Hoyes12:22
3Max Weston12:30
4Isaac Riggs12:47
5Jackson Middleton12:54
6Eli Nowaskie13:02
7Nolan Brown13:14
8George Crepps13:27
9Eli Flanagan13:42
10Luke Woods13:53
11Christiana Brittian13:58
12Ean Hill14:03
13Olivia Walton14:05
14Emma Lovelace 14:29
15Nick Young14:33
16Cole Sizemore14:41
17Kaylie Hurst14:45
18Julia Brown14:54
19Lola Hovious 15:22
20Sam Mouser15:25
21Brennan Fenwick15:28
22Caroline Janes15:31
23Sydney Newton15:47
24Lupo Penza16:22
25Olivia Fenwick17:08
26no card17:21
27no card17:33
28Tori Cecil17:36
29Adelyn Osborne17:39
30Carter Ballard18:02
31Kayliegh Hines18:38
32Carter Sizemore18:41
33Christiana Collett18:47
34Abbey Livers18:57
35JT Mattingly20:05
36Kinsley Roby20:43
37Ella Sweeney21:13
38Gracyn Craig21:53
39Kyndal Maner23:11
40Naomi Bowling23:20
41Cole Hagan 25:00

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Sorry for the delay folks, but we've decided,  with the cold rain still pouring, that we won't be able to get in our last Popsicle Race of the year.  I try to wait it out because it will often clear off in time, but this one isn't going to give us a chance.  Again, I'm sorry but I also have to keep in mind the well-being of my fabulous high school team that helps me set up.

Thank you all for coming out and making it a great series.  I love to see the interest and the growth of all of the kids.

Popsicle Race Finale Tonight!

The last Popsicle races for the 2016 season are scheduled for tonight!  The course is running fast, and the weather if finally cool.  Let's hope the weather holds off!  Right now the forecast is showing 50% chance of storms at 6:00 - that's a 50% chance that it won't storm.  If we have to cancel, I will do my best to communicate with the area coaches, will post on this site and will make a Facebook post as well.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Results - Popsicle Race #5 at NCHS

Thanks to Nelson County XC for hosting a terrific night of Popsicle Racing - lots of awesome support!  The kids continue to rock out fast times even on this tough course.  One more week remains.  Next week is the series finale at Thomas Nelson.

Forty-three middle schoolers ready to throw down.  
1Claire Dewitt4:42
2Henry Evans4:53
3Samuel Greenwell 5:07
4Jude Tucker5:25
5Ashton Trulock5:26
6Eli Isabel 5:32
7Jack MItzefelt5:38
8Charlie Hill 5:40
9Sloane Smith 5:46
10Katie Floyd 6:01
11Emily Mackin6:13
12Jedd Shelbourne 6:22
13Wyatt Bagby 6:53
14Sarah Beth Monin7:03

1Isaac Riggs8:23
2Kadence Lyvers9:06
3Cole Sizemore9:42
4Noah Jennings9:49
5John Floyd9:53
6Will Dewitt10:05
7Alex Welch 10:18
8Lily Luttrell 10:25
9Faith Blair 10:30
10Katrina Blair 10:45
11Lacey Richard10:53
12Alex Evans11:04
13Carter Sizemore11:22
14Caden Hardin 11:24
15Tate Hill 11:31
16Samuel Greenwell11:31
17Taylor Carney 12:07
18Ackrid Stafford12:18
19Harper Smith 12:32
20Emily Borden 12:55
21Alyssa Miller 13:05
22Zachary Foster13:10
23Carly King13:18
24Stiles Crume 13:29
25Jack Miles 13:46
26Virginia Jewel 15:30

1Tayshaun Crowe11:59
2Dakota Brady12:04
3Lane Hoyes12:13
4Max Weston 12:50
5Eli Hill12:51
6Finn O'Neill13:00
7Nicholas Young13:49
8Gregory Murphy 14:11
9Chritiana Brittain 14:24
10Sam Mouser14:41
11Jake Kieslich 14:45
12Charlie Evans15:03
13Zoie Kelty 15:05
14Alex Fell15:07
15Gabriel Lamore15:14
16Daniel Cecil 15:19
17Nolan Brown 15:32
18Rory Kiser 15:33
19Nick Holzknecht15:35
20Bailee Williams 15:49
21John King 15:54
22Carson King16:00
23Stone Boone 16:18
24Elainea Bloye16:21
25Gannon Jackson 16:28
26Keegan Solmos16:42
27Lupa Penza 16:45
28Ian Hill16:48
29Bryce Stafford 16:50
30Connor Bagby 16:51
31Thomas Fell16:53
32Kaylie Hurst17:00
33Millie Welch 17:03
34Jordan Clements 17:04
35Anna Claire Carwile 17:09
36Colleen Kennedy 18:03
37Jordan Brady 18:54
38Ben Risner 18:56
39Zach Holzknecht19:01
40Olivia Reiland 19:23
41Sawyer Boone 19:50
42Sommers Smith 20:15
43Karis Shelburne 21:49